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Transformation = Empowerment + Dignity . . . (Courtesy Vinay Samuel)

  • Give people fish and you feed them for a day (Charity)
  • Teach people to fish and you feed them for a while (Empowerment)
  • Teach people to fish, and at the same time help people to discover a pride and an identity as fishermen and you feed them, their family, and their friends for life (Transformation)

GeoffreyReconxile is in the business of transformation.  With your help, we guide and support people in the poorest areas of the World to discover and lay hold of their identity as workers and traders who use business, however small and simple, to pull themselves and their families out of poverty.

We provide simple training materials (free of charge) to help people get the best chance of success out of loans from Microfinance and Village Savings and Loans schemes.  With your help, we teach them the basics, such as: how to attract customers; how to provide a quality product or service; how to make the money work out, and we do it step-by step through simple exercises and discussions, which require only a blackboard, paper and pens.

With your help?

We have a vision to mobilise teams of ordinary, everyday people, like yourselves perhaps, to use 2-3 weeks of their time to do this work of guiding, supporting and teaching themselves - to engage in the joy of seeing people's situations transformed; to be part of something life-changing. And this site has been constructed to inspire, guide and equip you to do that. Is this a vision you could share in? Is this a vision you could help others to share in?

Please use this site to explore how you could be part of this vision: download the materials you need; see our project in Kampala; view the picture gallery; look at other projects; get tips and hints on how to move forward; find other useful links; or understand more about us, and our vision; or see the results.

Everything to the right of the 'About you' in the horizontal menu at the top of the page is there to help you to make this step of using a very small part of your life to transform the rest of 'their' lives. It is a decison you will be glad you made.

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