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How we estimated the benefit

We believe that in one year we generated the equivalent benefit to over £2M of aid in our pilot project in Kampala. This figure is based on a survey which was undertaken on our behalf in May 2008.

We know that over the 12 months prior to Feb 2008, the local trainers we trained, had trained a further 400 people (approximately)

Our survey showed that out of a sample of 33 of these 72% now had ‘successful’ businesses (compared to 17% who had a successful business at the start of the training; a growth of 55%). 

‘Successful’ was defined as having sufficient profit to feed & house the family, and to educate the children – a minimum of about £1000 per year in the area around Kampala. 

We assume that having the skills to set up a successful business is something which will not diminish with time and so we have assumed that they will have this income for at least the next ten years. 

So even if they are on the bare minimum, and even if we assume each successful business does not employ anyone else, this equates to a benefit of:

55% x 400people x £1000 x 10yrs = £2,200,000

And they are still training at a rate of a further 40 people per month. And now they are training new trainers.


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